Monday, November 7, 2011

Massachusetts Drug Case: Two arrested after drug raid prompted by neighbors' calls

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By Kevin P. O'Connor

Herald News Staff Reporter

Posted Nov 04, 2011


It is always a good idea to be nice to your neighbors.

But that is especially true if your neighbors can put you in jail with a single call.

Steven Cordeiro, 51, and Barbie-Jo Martins, 46, both of 1886 Pleasant St., were arrested Thursday at home after a raid by detectives with the Vice and Intelligence Unit.

“These two arrests were the result of citizens’ complaints about drug activity in the area of Pleasant and Barlow Street,” said Lt. Roger LeFleur, the spokesman for the police.

Neighbors specifically complained about the traffic flowing through the area and the behavior of people drawn to the area.

The complaints were enough to send detectives in undercover cars up into that area to take a look for themselves.

“They went up and took a look and then began an investigation,” LeFleur said.

Detectives turned up enough information to get a search warrant. They went to the address Thursday to serve it.

Detectives surrounded the address and were watching it prior to their raid when Cordeiro drove up and got out of his car to go to his home.

“The detectives approached him and identified themselves,” LeFleur said. “Mr. Cordeiro took off running. He went about 50 feet and then stopped and raised his hands. He was arrested then.”

Detectives went into the home at that point and arrested Martins. During the search, they allege they turned up 20 bags of heroin, packaged in small amounts for street sale.

They also seized $1,520 in cash. Martins was arrested when police allegedly found 49 Xanax tablets in her possession. She could not produce a valid prescription for the medication, police alleged.

Cordeiro was charged with possession with the intent to distribute heroin. Martins was charged with illegal possession of a prescription drug.

Both of them will face charges in District Court.

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