Sunday, October 9, 2011

Major Massachusetts Drug Case: Melrose Man Among 11 Indicted on Drug Trafficking Charges

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Editor Daniel DeMaina

A 38-year-old Melrose man faces a conspiracy to distribute cocaine charge, and is one of 10 people indicted in connection with allegedly trafficking, possessing and distributing narcotics in Massachusetts, Attorney General Martha Coakley's Office announced in a press release Thursday afternoon.

Adam Saggese of Melrose was arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy to distribute cocaine charge, according to the release. He was released on personal recognizance.

The charges stem from an extensive drug trafficking investigation resulting in the seizure of approximately 500 grams of cocaine, several pounds of marijuana, thousands of dollars, and several vehicles, the Attorney General's Office said.

As part of an ongoing narcotics investigation, the Attorney General's Office began an investigation into the activities of Gerald Esposito, 40, of Boston in March. The investigation focused on Esposito's alleged extensive drug network, which included the wholesalers from whom he bought narcotics, partners with whom he collaborated, and the customers to whom he sold the product.

Law enforcement officials allege that Esposito's drug dealing took place in the North End and the Revere apartment of Kettia Piris. The investigation also alleges drug transactions among Saggese and co-defendants Anthony Vigorito, Anthony Gianetti, Steven Tracia, Ferdinando Daniele, Sal Lazzari, Anthony Ascenzo, Paul Mattarese and Marino Velasquez.

In June, law enforcement officials received search warrants for searches of locations and vehicles associated with Esposito, Daniele, Tracia, Velasquez, and Giannetti. Esposito was arrested while meeting with Daniele, resulting in the seizure of $2,594 cash and several types of drugs in quantities ready for sale.

The searches, the Attorney General's office alleges, resulted in the seizure of approximately 500 grams of cocaine, several pounds of marijuana, ammunition, approximately $75,000 cash, several vehicles, and other materials associated with narcotics dealing.

The Special Grand Jury in Suffolk Superior Court returned indictments against the 11 defendants on September 15, 2011. Eight of the defendants, including Saggese, were arraigned yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court, at which time each entered individual pleas of not guilty.They will return to court on Nov. 3 for a pre-trial conference.


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